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We are people affected by dementia passionate about research, because research gives us hope. Hope for a future in which there is better care available for people with dementia. Hope for a future in which we are able to delay or prevent dementia. Hope that one day we will find a way to cure the causes of dementia through research.

We have all experienced how difficult it can be to find out about research and get involved in suitable studies. That is why we started this campaign, to encourage everyone working with people affected by dementia across the health and social care system to help people who want to get involved in studies, to do so.

And the truth is it is so easy to do! Join Dementia Research is a ‘sign posting’ or ‘match making’ service run the Alzheimer’s Society, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Alzheimer Scotland and the National Institute for Health Research (the research arm of the NHS). People interested in research give a few details about themselves so that they can match to studies they might be interested in and researchers can contact them. Clinicians don’t need to know what research is going on where – which would be a Herculean task with so many different studies going on across different parts of the UK. All they need to know is that Join Dementia Research is a one stop shop through which people interested in research can find what they need to know.

Encouraging people affected by dementia to register with Join Dementia Research is an easy way for clinicians to #handouthope to their patients.

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  • I put my name down several years ago and have taken part in one study which comes to an end this year. I would like to do more but I live in Devon and there doesn’t seem to be much going on down here. I have had very little post diagnostic support either (though there seems to be support for carers!)
    I have joined my GP practice patients group to try to get something going for PWD but have been told they don’t do that!
    All very discouraging.

    • Hi Judith,
      Great to hear you’ve been involved in research. With Join Dementia Research studies are being added all the time, so hopefully new ones in Devon too. I’d suggest contacting Alzheimer’s Society about what support you might be able to get locally. They can be contacted on 0300 222 1122. They also have a ‘Find support near you’ feature on their website: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/info/20011/find_support_near_you
      There are many ways to get involved with the society as someone with dementia and to email yoursay@alzheimers.org.uk they’d be happy to hear from you.

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