Keep my Hope alive – #HandOutHope

by Hilary Doxford

Well sadly we are nearly through another year and it looks as though our best Christmas present – a cure or disease modifying agent – is being held for a future Christmas.

But this has been another year where thanks to research, many new ideas and changes are being put in place to improve the lives of those affected by dementia, whether in the community, in care homes, or in our own homes. To say those changes are stocking fillers would be to underestimate their impact and benefit, they too are gifts and what great gifts they are.

So the researchers continue their quests and we must continue to do our part.

I therefore ask those of you reading this to continue to ‘Hand out Hope’ in the form of raising awareness of Join Dementia Research, whether through literature, social media or your words.

Every day of delay in research projects is a tragedy to the thousands around the world for whom it becomes too late to make a difference. We must strive to ensure those delays are not due to lack of research participants. We want ‘Hand out Hope’ to do its part in supporting Join Dementia Research.

So if you are a clinician, work in a care home, work in your local community, or just have a passion to improve the lives of people affected by dementia, your Christmas present to us, whatever your role, would be to ‘Hand out Hope’

Wishing everyone season’s greetings and a big thank you for the differences you have made and (fingers crossed) are about to make.

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