The budget has come round once more

by Wendy Mitchell.

Well, the budget has come round once more and with comments such as ‘plugging the gap’ bantered about, it just highlights the brink on which we stand for social care.
Reading about social care needs and provision and benefit regulations being changed doesn’t give me ‘Hope’.

However, when I look at research proposals for funding into ‘better ways to live’ and ‘better ways to care’, this gives me exactly what I’m looking for – HOPE.

We have to normalise talking about research and to do this we must have GPs and all other healthcare professionals, like psychologists, district nurses or OTs, physios, all coming on board. These are often the very people we see most often. To normalise talking about research would normalise involvement.

So I’m here before you today as someone all researchers seek out on a daily basis – a willing participant…..
Why am I so willing? Because I like to be involved, because being involved and valued gives me HOPE

Without research we can’t change the future… to all healthcare professionals, I ask that you hand out hope today – it won’t cost you anything and will give that person hope at a time when hope is in short supply.

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