To all healthcare professionals

by Wendy Mitchell

Imagine yourselves in my shoes – being given a diagnosis of Young onset dementia. Your life falls apart, you feel worthless and of no use to anyone any more……Services are non existent so you feel abandoned.

That’s what happened to me when I was diagnosed.

Now, Imagine, if someone came along and asked for your opinions, asked you to be involved in gathering information. Someone who was genuinely interested in what you had to say.. Imagine how that would make you feel………
Imagine the impact on your well being – finally hearing someone acknowledging that you still had something to give; that you still had an valuable opinion and views that mattered.

That’s what happened to me when I started to be involved in research.

As soon as I was diagnosed I wanted to take part in research – however, my clinicians decided for me that I wouldn’t want the hassle, so never offered me the possibility.
That should have been my decision to make, not theirs.
All it would take is for clinicians, any healthcare professional, to hand out hope – by simply handing over a Join dementia Research leaflet and allowing me to make that choice.

We need to have an alternative to just hoping and wishing you don’t get dementia but this can only be achieved through research. Being involved makes you feel valued as you’re contributing to possible future developments – you could be helping your children, which is a great driver to being involved in research.
We all know there is no cure and without willing volunteers to test new theories, new technology, and new ways of living, we’ll never find the best ways to live with dementia whilst we’re waiting for that elusive cure.

Please hand out hope as hope is all we currently have……

Thank you

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  • I am currently a clinical lead for a research project with people diagnosed with dementia. Just asking people to take part, asking their views, requesting their feedback is empowering in itself. The participants I am speaking to are reporting an improvement in their well being just by being part of the research! Some feel valued which is having a really positive impact.

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