Join dementia research

by Chris Roberts.

After a diagnosis of dementia your whole family also receive the diagnosis, it becomes a team effort, it can affect everyone around you.

As yet there is no cure for any of the dementias or anything to prevent it, but there are ways, living a healthy lifestyle etc, that we can reduce the risk.

What we then need is hope, hope for the future, this is what research gives us!

This is why it’s so important for people to be aware and to know that research is taking place.

It’s not all invasive, most research is surveys or regular testing to see how it progresses, the researchers will even arrange home visits.

As well as the people living with dementia we also need people with healthy brains so comparisons can be made.

Together we can make a difference, please be a part of our research team!

“join dementia research today, it’s so easy to do”

You just fill in your details and you will be matched to appropriate programs from all over the UK, you can do as little or as much as you want.

The campaign we’ve just launched with #handouthope is to try and get health professionals, clinicians etc to give out information to patients they see about taking part in research. We can’t do this on our own, we need everyone’s help so please show your support on social media by putting up selfies together, holding or showing your hands to signify handing out hope by way of information on how to ‘joindementiaresearch’ to show that we are all standing and working together to #handouthope to those that need it.

Get involved today, please 🙏🏽

Chris Roberts,

55 years old, living with mixed dementia, vascular damage and Alzheimer’s disease

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